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Con-Strux R-1 Con-Strux R-2

R-1 (RCA) meets the spec for Sports Builders Association ASTM F 2107-08 and NYSDOT 304.1011 Type 2 and 4. This material is produced from concrete and a small portion of dirt and is considered a premium alternate to natural stone blend.

R-2 (RCA) is a less expensive alternative to R-1 RCA. It is produced from concrete and contains traces of brick and asphalt. These products are generally suitable for most commercial and residential sub-base applications providing excellent compaction and durability.



Con-Strux R-3 Con-Strux R-52

Our R-3 (Drainage Stone) mixture is specially made for use as a backfill for storm water drainage systems. This uniform graded material which ranges from 5/8" to 1 1/4" size is an excellent alternative to natural quarry stone. Using R-34 for your next project can earn you LEED credits and increase your profits by replacing expensive natural stone.

R-52 is a well graded sub-grade material. It has excellent compaction qualities and is screened to less than 3/8". When mixed with water and cement it makes an excellent dry pack. This product can earn you LEED credits and increase your profits by replacing expensive natural stone screenings. Use our fine sub-grade material on your next project.


Con-Strux R-34

R-34 (3/4 Aggregate) is a recycled concrete aggregate that is an alternative to a 3/4" natural stone as determined by the ASTM #57 stone spec. This product conforms to the standards set by the international Playground Contractors association (ICPA) and is applicable with all IPCA approved surfaces. R-34 is an aggregate supplement in ready mix concrete specifically for use in inground pools. Its light weight characteristics and compressive strength of 3000 psi make R-34 an ideal aggregate supplement. The Con-Strux R-34 is a green alternative to expensive natural stone which can earn you LEED credits and increase your profits.

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